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Pearl A. Johnson


Pearl A. Johnson

As a grandmother, retired teacher/administrator, and progressive activist this is the first time I have become deeply involved in politics, my first run for office. My husband and I have been married for 49 years and I probably should have consulted him about this decision.  Oops!  We have worked and marched together against the Vietnam War and the war in Afghanistan and for Civil Rights, Working Families, Pro-Choice, Women’s Rights, Black Lives Matter and so much more.  But we were also busy with our careers, our family and our lives. 

I love this democratic republic and I don’t want it lost for my grandchildren. 

And that is why, after all these years, I am eager to come out of a very pleasant retirement (sans pandemic) to work at the local level as a legislator to make a difference.  I want clean water for Newburgh.  I want to defeat efforts to bring a fossil fuel burning plant to my neighborhood.  Good health care for all is just common sense.  I want good jobs to support our community and affordable transportation to get to those jobs.  I want us to be safe in our homes and on the street.  I want an end to gun violence, background checks are only the beginning.  Police reform is also needed not only for the public but also for those hard-working officers who are at increased risk from colleagues with a history of violence.

Social justice is a basic right.

Accountability is needed on all levels.

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Equality Meets Opportunity


My mission is to

work with

our whole community

to make a better life

for ourselves

and all our children

in this beautiful

Hudson River Valley.