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Today is a new day.

Welcome to the official site of Pearl A. Johnson's campaign.

Here you will find information including upcoming events, information on the issues, history and background, and so much more. Please feel free to browse the website, where you will find all you need to know surrounding the candidacy of Pearl A. Johnson and how we are fighting for change and progress. How we are fighting to protect the vote, to protect democracy.

Say YES to our new candidates in the

Town of Newburgh.

We care about your future.



There are times when I disagreed with the course that our nation had taken.  So I protested and voted and always thought that I was responsible to help shape our nation.  Our flag belongs to all Americans.  It saddens me to see it being used literally and figuratively against other Americans.  January 6th was a disgrace.  Our flag was used to beat guardians of our democracy, filmed live and in color.  It was flown next to Confederate flags; you know, the flag of slavery, of anti-American sentiment.  There is a segment of our population that see our flag as a political tool, a dividing symbol. 

I say enough!!  Let’s fly the red, white and blue

as a beacon to the principles we all believe in.  

It is a flag for all Americans and a symbol of hope for the world.

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Lots of Experience
Ready to Work

About me...


I have a Masters in Special and Elementary Education as well as a Certificate of Advanced Study in Educational Administration.  


I have worked professionally as a special education teacher, teacher supervisor, assistant principal, principal, assistant pupil personnel director and acting director of special education.

In early days, I have also worked at Woolworths, NY Telephone Co. as a keypunch operator and a business representative.  Way back I worked as a babysitter for 50 cents an hour.


I have been married for 49 years. My husband continues as my soul mate, best friend and political conscience.  We have two sons, one a published poet and the other a decorated Marine.  I just had to brag a little here. 

More bragging includes reporting about my beautiful granddaughter and grandson.  They are a tremendous source of joy, even as teenagers and young adults.

We have always had assorted pets.  Currently we have two dogs and three cats who came to us when stray Momma cat broke into our garage and gave birth to two kittens.  


I have always been a Democrat because I believe in people first, always.  I joined the Town of Newburgh Democratic Committee in 2016 in response to the appalling results of that election.  

My husband and I have marched against the Vietnam War, the Afghanistan Wars, against stupidity and injustice.  We have marched for Civil Rights, Working Families, Pro-Choice, Women’s Rights, Black Lives Matter and so much more.  

It has become very clear to me that local politics are incredibly important.  This is my first run for office.  I am hoping to better my community by paying close attention to our needs. 

The Town of Newburgh needs clean air and water, safe homes and streets, good jobs, affordable housing and transportation, responsive/ accountable public servants and more.  I'm ready to listen.  I'm ready to learn. 

I'm ready to serve.

All grown up now, these are my grandchildren at a favorite age, mostly because I saw more of them and usually knew where they were.

Kittens are always cuter than cats. 

These garage trespassers were easy to keep.



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